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Innovative International School in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Office of Education Innovation Education Society founded a primary school, junior and senior high schools for twelve years, the implementation of the closed management of boarding. Schools to employ a team of consultants of the country's leading education experts, hire a province famous primary and secondary school principals to form a collective leadership, with new teaching ideas, new teaching model, the highly qualified faculty to create a province's first-class, well-known and international schools.

The school environment
The school is located in Shijiazhuang Shiqiao Western to stay Yingcun, located in the West Second Ring Road and Xinhua Road intersection. Convenient transportation, the city 9,314,11,93 Ring 1, Ring 2 bus directly to the school. Schools around the dense residential area, a variety of public facilities. The campus occupies 97 acres, building area of 39,168 square meters, there are 107 classrooms, library, 7, and 385 quarters (all with bathroom), a large canteen two. Building specifications, first-class quality. Playground of 10,169 square meters, with a 400 m circular track, the enclosed plastic basketball, volleyball, badminton venue. Campus green lawn, flowers everywhere, lush trees, elegant environment, which can accommodate 3500 students and teachers teaching, life. But can also accommodate more than 300 teacher training exchanges.

School characteristics
School tianhui middle school unit teaching mode "full adoption of a new" efficient classroom structure, trust students to "liberate students, relying on students to develop students for the purpose of real implementation of quality education, to achieve quality the perfect combination of education and examination training. Easy for students to learn, happy life, so that teachers happy, fast-growing. To get rid of the current student tired, bitter teacher education status, to achieve true quality education, creating a new educational life.

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